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Drug Development

ReceptoPharm is developing proprietary therapeutic protein products for the treatment of neurological, viral and and autoimmune disorders.

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CRO Services

ReceptoPharm offers a full range of contract research services catering to small and start-up biotech companies.

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CRO Services

As a clinical stage company specializing in biologics, ReceptoPharm has cleared many of the hurdles that face emerging biotech companies.

ISO Class 5 Sterile Fills at ReceptoPharm

Our therapeutic experience encompasses infectious disease, autoimmune conditions, neurological disorders and oncology indications. We have also undertaken drug development in veterinary applications.

While we continue with our own clinical development program, we are now able to extend our expertise and capabilities to small and start-up biotechnology companies looking for cost effective outsourcing solutions for their clinical development projects.

We pride ourselves on taking a global view on drug development; whether it’s preparing submissions, protocols, formulations, or organizing clinical trials internationally. We have invested heavily in establishing our own production facility to meet US and EU standards, including the installation of quality systems to meet GMP standards. Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards can now be used as a resource by other biopharmaceutical companies.

CRO Services at ReceptoPharm

Establishing and maintaining a qualified drug production facility can represent a significant drain on a small company’s resources. We understand that our investment in manufacturing and our first-hand knowledge in drug discovery and development can be very valuable assets to small companies that do not have these resources or capabilities in-house. Working with ReceptoPharm through our ISO class 5 and GMP certified facilities will allow these companies to avoid considerable clinical development expenses and allow them to focus on a more important task, expeditiously getting their products to the next stage.

Contact us to learn how we can help your company achieve its clinical development goals.

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November 05, 2010
Nutra Pharma Awarded Grant under the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Program
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